Glomo Money; the doorway to the digital financial era

As the world is fast moving into the digital age, and with the proliferation of smartphones, people have become more connected than before to each other even accorss very long distances.

Glomo Money, harnessing the power of information and communication technology, sought to take this connection further by equally enabling these people to carry out financial transactions accross large distances with speed and ease.

Glomo Money is a revolutionary digital wallet that enable its users to make payments and send money or manage his or her account directly through mobile phone

digital wallet

Money Transfer

Glomo money enables you to transfer money using your mobile phone not only from one Glomo user to another but equally to non GloMo users easily

Pay bills, Goods, and services

With Glomo money, you can handle payments and bills without cash. Saving you time, movements and the hassle involved when looking for coins

Manage your account from your mobile phone

The App is equipped with modules that give you details on everything happening in your account, like transaction history and account balance.

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